10' Brunswick Centennial Snooker Table

Post date: Nov 15, 2014 4:01:30 PM

Check out our latest creation. This is a beautifully restored 10 foot Brunswick Centennial Snooker Table. We rescued this table from a home in Phoenix where a house fire nearly destroyed it. Fortunately the fire didn't reach the table, but the soot and ash covered the entire table.

It turned out great. We have this table setup at our Las Vegas store. Stop by if you're ever in the neighborhood and check it out along with our other tables.

Attached below is a link to the Brunswick website where you can read some additional information on the Brunswick Centennial Snooker table:


This is a model C-1:

Model C-1: Same as C except:

- Rails: Rosewood with side pocket castings, 5 hole nut plates.

- Rail castings: Polished anodized aluminum; used at corner and side pockets; attached to rail by bolt passing through center of face into recessed rail nut.

- Legs: Oval shaped, tapered, rosewood finish with aluminum trim with stretchers. attached to base frame with angle brackets.