Antique Brunswick Manhattan Pool Table

Post date: Dec 21, 2014 3:08:40 PM

We just finished this beautiful Brunswick Manhattan Pool Table for a customer here in Denver. It turned out great. When we first saw the table it was a mess. The feet were sawed off the table and it was 3 inches too low. It was missing the decorative rosettes, the pockets were extremely worn, the veneer was completely gone on the rails along with the sights and there were area of damage around the frame and legs.

We returned the rails to their original condition by reapplying a rosewood veneer and real ivory sights. We had the pockets rebuilt in dark brown leather with a shield; we added feet and fixed the various issues around the legs and frame. Finally we added new rosettes and reflected the table with Simonis 860 (Color - Camel).

This table is a true centerpiece and the owner is extremely happy.

-- Before --

-- After --

Below is some additional information on the Brunswick Manhattan Pool Table from the Brunswick website:


From Brunswick-Balke-Collender Co. 1896 literature:

The Manhattan is well adapted for private residences. In rich simplicity of design, in correct lines and proportion, and in the true artistic harmony and elegance. The Manhattan is peculiarly desirable. The style of finish is a combination of quarter-sawed oak and handsome figured burl ash. The Manhattan can, however, be made up in other woods as desired.

This table is furnished as carom or pool or both combined, and is supplied with the finest of Vermont slated bed from our own quarries, genuine imported Simonis cloth, the incomparable Monarch quick cushions and a first class outfit of everything complete. The legs of our tables, besides being joined with wooden dowels, as is customary, are fastened with a long iron bolt passing through the entire length of the leg to the top of the head block., thus inspiring positive solidity not otherwise obtainable. This is a very important feature.

Tables are supplied with our adjustable carom plus with iron fastenings. The only perfect invention of its kind in the market.