Brunswick Centennial Pool Table

Post date: Oct 4, 2013 5:15:27 PM

We just delivered this beautiful 9 foot Brunswick Centennial Pool Table. The table was completely refinished and the aluminum castings polished and coated to protect them from oxidizing. The rosewood rails turned out silky smooth and the new rubber cushions will guarantee years of fantastic play.

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Below is some additional information on the Brunswick Centennial Pool Table from Brunswick's website:


From the 1946 Brunswick Billiard Equipment and Supplies catalog no. 101:

The Centennial draws back the curtain on opportunity unequalled in the history of the billiard business. You get every advantage of Brunswick's more than a century of experience in this, the finest table money can buy. Outstandingly beautiful as an example of modern design, the Centennial also makes full use of modern materials.

Featuring handsomely finished, mar resistant aluminum aprons and leg basing, the Centennial retains a touch of traditional elegance in the rich rosewood finish of its exposed woods.

Its massively constructed hardwood frame rests on two oval-shaped plywood legs designed for maximum strength and rigidity. Other play stimulating refinements of the Centennial are a convenient ball storage rack, specially designed leather pockets, molded pocket pads, sloping apron design and handy bridge rack. Every detail of the Centennial table reflects the result s of over 100 years of Brunswick leadership in billiard table design and styling.

Centennial Carom Tables give players the finest playing action possible on any table. The new type massive rail eliminates vibration and increases accuracy. The cushions have just the right amount of resiliency, and the level slate assures true roll. Brunswick Centennial Carom Tables are built by expert craftsmen who use only the finest materials. You can be sure there is no better carom table at any price.

- Legs: Two oval shaped plywood legs with tapered ends, fitted with 6 3/4" high aluminum basing attached to bottom.

- Aprons: Aprons of extruded aluminum with grooved and fluted contour to match contour of corner castings and flow into rounded edge of rails. Aprons securely fastened to rail and sturdily braced to base frame. Roomy ball rack in foot end apron of gully and pocket tables has four compartments holding five balls each.

- Rails: Rosewood faced.

- Finish: All exposed wood surfaces except playing rails are finished in rosewood. Playing rails are finished with a special rosewood burn resistant finish. All concealed wood surfaces are treated with a moisture repellent. All exposed aluminum surfaces have a mar-resistant, satin aluminum color finish.

- Base Frame: The massive base frame is constructed of hardwoods, consisting of two side rails, two end rails and two cross stretchers. The entire top surface is carefully leveled to receive slate.

- Slate: A matched set of slate, consisting of three pieces one inch thick, each piece backed up by a wood frame, is mounted on top of base frame. The slate joints are kept in perfect alignment by means of metal dowels and ferrules. Slate is accurately drilled for rail bolts. Slate is fastened to slate frame by concealed screws. Entire playing surface is left unmarred by screws. Slate is tightly anchored to base frame. The bottom of slate frame is planed and the top surface of the slate ground to obtain uniform thickness throughout.

- Rails: 1 3/4" thick x 4 1/2" wide in the exposed surface, of select cabinet woods. Fitted with the latest improved Brunswick cushions, containing live rubber, cemented to rail edge and covered with cushion cloth held tightly in position by means of a concealed feather strip along top surface. Rails have large rounded contour. Mother of pearl sights are located in proper position in top surfaces.

- Corner Castings: The Centennial apron casting is grooved and fluted to match apron.